SINGER Donates Water Purification Plant And Distribution System To Ulukkulama Village

Singer Sri Lanka PLC, the country’s leading brand of household and electrical appliances in its latest contribution towards the eradication of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKDu), donated a water purification plant to the rural village of Ulukkulama in the Anuradhapura District. The project was funded by Singer Sri Lanka at a cost of Rs. 4 million and was jointly presented through technological expertise from Puritas of Hayleys Group and under the guidance of Water Board.

Singer had selected the CKD affected village of Ulukkulama located in the district of Anuradhapura in collaboration with Puritas Pvt Ltd of Hayleys Group and has seen through the setup of a water purification plant or Reverse Osmosis plants as they are technically known in the hope of providing village residents of over 1600 inhabitants in Ulukkulama with quality portable water.

Singer Sri Lanka PLC Group CEO, Asoka Pieris was present at the unveiling of the plant at Ulukkulama. Commenting on the occasion he said, “We have recognized the issue of CKDu that has affected a part of our nation. We believe that this new reverse osmosis plant will help provide the people of this community with clean portable water and help those affected by this disease to recover from this adverse condition. We hope this project will enlighten other organizations to follow and continue to bring this facility to better the lives of people affected by CKDu.”

The newly constructed water purification plant and the distribution system consists of nine (09) distribution points placed in selected locations in the village to serve residents to collect purified water conveniently. The purification plant can produce 10,000 litres of water per day and one liter is sold at just Rs. 1 /= to a resident. All the proceeds will be contributed towards maintenance of the plant and for any other developments required for the future.    

Many researches held in the recent past, reveals the cause of CKDu being evident in consuming  unpurified water by villagers in and around the North Central Province. Sixty five (65) individuals were known to have been diagnosed with CKDu symptoms out of 1600 resided in this village, . Records had also shown that around 400,000 people living in and around the district of Anuradhapura are directly being affected by CKDu. Figures have proved that 25,000 have already succumbed to the effects of CKDu which is present as a waterborne disease. 

After extensive analysis, tests had helped shape the fact that about 15% of those affected from CKDu could gradually recover if their water drinking habits change. As there has been a dire need for clean, fresh water in villages from these affected areas, Singer had come forth with the hope of providing a helping hand in order to further assist in swiftly eradicating CKDu in Sri Lanka.

In mid 2016 Singer donated three CRRT (Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy) machines to the National Hospital worth over Rs. 7.5 million under Singer ‘Thirst for Life’ health and wellness sustainability project, making the total number of machines donated to six units, in helping those affected by CKDu.

Singer continues to be in the forefront of corporate entities that touches millions of Sri Lankan lives daily in trying to improve their quality of life by various means in nurturing education, sports, health care and protection of environment and many other societal activities that improves the quality of life.

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