Dude, Where's My Glove Box? Volkswagen Seeks Temporary Parking For Unfinished Cars

February 16, 2017

The cars – brand new VW Passat models – can't be finished until the final piece can be installed, but they need to be moved somewhere until the parts can be delivered.
A VW spokesperson for the factory in Emden, Germany, confirmed on Wednesday that due to a fire at a Czech supplier, the glove box doors could not be delivered on time.
Glove box doors from another VW model would fit the Passat model, and some have been delivered to Emden from China, but this does not solve the problem.
In the meantime, VW has said it is looking for large areas to park the cars in a 100 km (62 mile) radius around Emden. This could include unused space at sea ports, the spokesperson said.
It could take weeks until the missing parts are delivered and installed, and workers at the Emden factory are being put on four days of reduced hours beginning Thursday.
VW did not indicate if the instruction manuals for the cars – commonly found in the glove box – had already been installed, and, if that was the case, if these would remain in the open glove box during the temporary parking or stealthily stowed under the seat.

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