TRC Seizes Banned Wireless Phones

The Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) seized wireless phones which are banned in Sri Lanka and had been imported evading Customs duties.
These 50 DECT6 seized wireless cause interference to the 3G network given for Sri Lankan mobile phones users. They were handed over to the Ceylon Waste Management Company for recycling.
J.A.S. Gunananda, TRC Deputy Director noted that at the airport sometimes the customs is unable to detect small electronic devices or phones such as DECT 6. He further noted that “So far TRC has managed to seize about 100 such devices and plan to increase the number of raids”.
Not all cordless phones are being banned. Further information can be obtained by calling 1900.
Frequencies allowed in Sri Lanka:
1'6065 - 1'8000 MHz
46'000 - 50'000 MHz
2400 - 2483'5 MHz
5150 - 5250 MHz
5250 - 5350 MHz
5470 - 5725 MHz
5725 - 5875 MH

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