Fairway Waste Management Forms Partnership With Waste Management Authority

Fairway Waste Management (Pvt) Ltd and the Waste Management Authority of the Western Provincial Council recently signed a Concession Agreement to form a Public-Private Partnership that would create a sustainable model for Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) processing at Karadiyana in the Western Province.

A subsidiary of Sri Lanka’s leading conglomerate – Fairway Holdings (Pvt) Ltd, Fairway Waste Management recently joined in the task of ensuring that Colombo will soon be transformed into a waste-free city, with the support of leading global expertise and modern technology.

The 22-year Concession Agreement is a key legal document and testimony of confidence and solidarity between the developers, investors and the Government of Sri Lanka.

While addressing the treatment of biological waste, which is hazardous to the public (odor, methane emissions, water pollution etc.), the agreement paves the way towards a major reduction in the diversion of waste to landfills. This also marks a new beginning for the residents of the areas around these landfills who are forced to deal with the ill effects of an unhealthy environment caused by open dumping.

As the Concession Agreement is for a Public-Private Partnership, all current managers of the site will remain in active partnership with Fairway Waste Management for the duration of the project. Further the company intends to build up local capacity in waste processing technologies by creating new employment for Sri Lankans during the construction, operation and maintenance of the waste-to-energy plant at Karadiyana.

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