Healingpathy Famed Dr. Sagara Karunathilaka Conferred ‘Nights Of Truth’ In Great Britain

Dr. Sagara Karunathilaka, the father of Osteo Healingpathy, the most senior practitioner at Osteo Clinic, Malabe was honoured with the title of ‘Nights of Truth’ in Great Britain recently, which is a celebrated moment in Sri Lankan medical history. Dr. Karunathilaka treated even hard-to-cure diseases such as Parkinson and paralysis.

The title is in recognition of his generous service rendered to the Buddhist and other religious priests, to people with physical disabilities andhigh-profile figures in Sri Lanka. Dr. Karunathilaka was nominated by Prof. Steve Russel, the father of Holopathy. Dr. Karunathilaka was also invited to open medical clinics in Athens and Los Angeles.

Osteo Clinic is a pioneering health center located in Athurugiriya Road, Malabe, and has opened Sri Lankan doors to a consortium of internationally-renowned ‘Osteo Healingpathy’ treatments focused on treating misalignments of the vertebrae, all other spine related disorders, neurological disorders and bone disorderswithin a short period of time without any side effects.

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