Strangers 2017 By University of Sri Jayewardenepura

University of Sri Jayawardenepura is oranizing the "Strangers" for the 4th consecutive time this year under the name " Strangers 2017". Strangers is an international university romp where we invite foreign university students, state and private university around sri lanka.

In this edition of the "Strangers" organizers have allowe Coperate sector to participate in the event as well. For the the 1st time in Sri Lankan university history , two state universities are organizing a one event where Strangers 2017 will be organized by the Marketing Department of Sri jayewardanpura collaboration with marketing Department of Sabaragamuwa University. In 2015 Strangers held in Colombo and Kithulgala with participants of foreign and local universities.

This time Strangers 2017 will be held for 3 days in city of Colombo, Belihuloya and Ella. Strangers 2017 will be an immense value for building Sri Lankan tourism industry and it will also give a chance to local students to get some international experience as well. For the preliminary rounds, teams selected from University of Sri Jayewardanpura several CSR projects will go down as well. Dengue prevention awareness campaigns and "Veta" app promotion campaign will enable society to cope with dengue epidemic in much efficient way. The overall purpose of the event is centered around taking out a journey of adventure, granting exposure to different environments and situation, where team work, communication, physical and mental fitness, creativity and innovative thinking is put to a test. Further it will aim on developing the skill of instantaneous planning and its timely implementation. Online applications can be send through

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