Imperium and CPS, India To Offer Digital Loan Origination & Management System

Imperium (Pvt) Ltd, a leading software design, development, technology and services company has strategically teamed up with India based Cognitive Platform Solutions (CPS) – a Software Product Development Company specializing in Digital Transformation Solutions, to offer the iPROOF Loan Origination & Management Solution (LOS/LMS) to Banks, Leasing companies and other lending institutions in Sri Lanka.

“We are indeed delighted to partner with CPS, India to offer the iPROOF LOS/LOM Solution in Sri Lanka. As a solution provider to the Banking & Financial Industry in Sri Lanka, our partnership with Cognitive Platform Solutions of India will enable us to further enhance and expand our relationship with banks and financial institutions. The iPROOF Loan Origination & Management Solution is a well proven solution with many reference sites and success stories” said Ken Nirmalan-Chairman, Imperium (Pvt) Ltd who was responsible for initiating and nurturing Imperium's relationship with CPS, India.

iPROOF LOS is a comprehensive, hyper-flexible, agile Lean Digital Platform based Loan Origination system that enables banks and financial institutions achieve operational excellence by systemically digitizing, assisting and automating the complete end-to-end Loan Origination cycle, by integrating and extending the core systems. CPS, which is a renowned Fintech Lean Digital Platform company, has deployed its solutions across several affiliates of India's top Bank. iPROOF LOS/LOM solution has been successful in achieving Zero-error disbursement of loans while reducing costs by 35-40% and cycle times by 45-50%.

“The digital wave has resulted in several areas around the Core Banking system go through a complete Reimaginaton, Systemizaton and Transformation. Banks and Financial Institutions that manage critical areas like manually preprocessing loans (with spreadsheets) are now looking for Digital Transformation Suites to achieve operational excellence. Our partnership with Imperium in will help us to reach out to the many potential customers in Sri Lanka who strive to improve operational efficiency and fulfill their customer's aspirations” said Chandrasekhar Srinivasan-Director, Cognitive Platform Solutions, India.

“The iPROOF Digital Loan Origination and Management System has been built around CPS's iPROOF Platform which is a future-ready less-code and change-proof Lean Digital Transformation Platform. The platform includes a a built-in document management system to manage any type of documents. iPROOF LOS/LMS is a comprehensive and flexible lending platform, and enables Banks and Financial Institutions to achieve operational efficiency and excellence by systemizing and automating the core aspects of the lending and loan management process as well as repetitive actions of the loan origination cycle” he added.

iPROOF LOS/LMS has been deployed successfully across India, Africa and Asia in the banking and financial services sector as a best practices loan origination & management platform, and is considered a game changer in the industry. More information on the solution can be obtained from

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