Four Multipurpose Fishery Harbours To Be Established

State Minister of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development, Dilip Wedaarachchi emphasized that multipurpose fishery harbours should be designed and established in a way that will be beneficial in meeting the future objectives of the Sri Lankan fisheries.

The state minister expressed these views in the presence of the Korean delegates who are engaged in conducting the preliminary feasibility studies of the proposed four multipurpose fishery harbours. The delegation met the State Minister recently to report the progress of the feasibility study.

Four multipurpose fishery harbours are scheduled to be established in Chalai, Madagal, Delft and Udappuwa. The Korean government has consented in doing the environmental feasibility studies on free-of-charge basis. These multipurpose fishery harbours are tailored to be simultaneously satisfying the fisheries, tourism and commercial purposes.

“We have witnessed that certain harbours established in past times, are not functioning properly. Some of them are being filled with sand. Fishermen who were using these harbours are unable to go for fishing for this reason.” “Multipurpose fishery harbours should be at least of 5m deep and they should facilitate large-scale vessels. Investment made on these fishery harbours should be a benefit to the country, not a burden”, emphasized the state minister.

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