“Sri Lanka – The Land of Serendipity”

September 25, 2017

The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Stockholm in collaboration with the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau (SLTPB) recently conducted a series of tourism promotional events titled “Sri Lanka; The Land of Serendipity” on board the ships of Tallink Silja Shipping Line on their voyages to Tallinn-Estonia and Riga-Latvia and on return voyages to Stockholm showcasing Sri Lanka as a tourist destination.

This promotion was coordinated by Arnis Anchupans, Honorary Consul for Sri Lanka in Latvia and Vallo Paal, Honorary Consul for Sri Lanka in Estonia in collaboration with the Tallink Silja AB.

Upon M/S Romantika’s port of call in Riga-Latvia, a business meeting and a networking session were arranged for Diplomats, Latvian businessmen and Travel companies with the Sri Lankan representatives at the main theatre of the ship. Around 70 – 80 guests were present on the occasion. A similar business event and B2B meetings among travel agents were conducted at M/S Silja Serenade during the time the ship was docked at Värtahamnen, Stockholm, Sweden.

The stalls especially allocated for the Sri Lanka Embassy, Stockholm on board the ships were utilized to display exotic gems and jewellery of Sri Lanka, mask carving, and Ceylon tea. Travel agents also carried out promotions at the stalls.

With this promotional activity, Sri Lanka tourism sector linked itself with cruise tourism in the Baltic and Scandinavian region.

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