Sea Food Export Increase By 40% After Lifting EU Ban

The report on Economic information issued on 25-08-2017 by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka states that we were able to achieve a considerable growth in the area of sea food export due to the high demand it acquires globally. Especially, the lift of ban on fish exports which was made possible with the intervention of the Government has raised the demand for sea food. This has resulted in the increase of our exports by 40% during last six months of the year 2017 report of Central Bank shows.

Export of Sea foods has earned 12.9 USD in the month of June in 2016 and in corresponding month in year 2017 it was shot up to 15.2 USD ( in comparison with the month of June in 2016, it was an increase of 17.4%).

However, the revenue of sea food export witnessed 83.5 Million USD in first six months (Rs. 12,612 Million) and the corresponding period in 2017 shows an increase in revenue of 117.1 Million USD (Rs. 17,784 Million). In comparison with the first six month of the last year, the income has raised up to 40.3 in 2017.

The Minister of fisheries & Aquatic Resources Development Mahinda Amaraweera expressing his views in that respect said that we were able to supply only one third of the global demand of sea food and hence the Government has launched a comprehensive programme to increase our production capacity.

Accordingly, the Government has taken numerous steps along with introducing new fishing vessels, accessories and novel technology to fisher community to minimize the post harvest losses which is remained as 40 % of the total catch.

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