Tax Upon Imported And Dubbed Tele-Dramas And Films To Be Increased Immediately

November 08, 2017

The tax upon imported and dubbed tele dramas, films and commercial programmes will be increased with immediate effect. It has been observed that certain programmes include content that is contrary to local traditions.

Experts in the field have requested the Ministry Of Finance And Media to take necessary steps to alleviate the damage caused to the local industry by the import of such material. Thereby, three gazette notifications containing charges for such imported programmes, have been cancelled.

A new gazette will be released detailing charges that will come into effect from midnight today. According to the new charges, the present fee of 90 thousand rupees which is charged for a programme dubbed in Sinhala or Tamil which has a duration of 30 minutes and spreads over not more than 4 series, will be increased to 150 thousand rupees. However, if the programmes are telecast in the original form, without being dubbed, the tax will not be applicable.

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