UK's Premier Pain Relief Brand Deep Heat Now In Sri Lanka

Deep Heat— the leading pain relief brand in the UK — has now been introduced to Sri Lanka. 

The product possesses a proven track record as one of the most efficacious pain relief products with a strong global presence for over 60 years. It is known to be a pain relief formulation that blends nature and science. 

Deep Heat is the latest Rohto product to enter the Sri Lankan market. Rohto is widely acclaimed as a trusted healthcare and cosmetics brand in Sri Lanka which consolidated its position within a short period of time. 

The product helps relax muscles, reduce stiffness, relieve pain and improve blood circulation to the affected area to accelerate the healing process. Counter-irritant action of ingredients first makes a cooling effect on the skin and then makes the affected area feel warm, managing pain with heat and cold therapy. 

Rohto entered the Sri Lankan market in 2013, heralding a new era in the country's healthcare and cosmetic industries. Over the past 06 years, Rohto reached new heights in the Sri Lankan market with its prime products Acnes, OXY Face Wash and Mentholatum LipIce.

"Rohto's entry was an exciting opportunity for Sri Lankan consumers with our strong international presence and impeccable reputation as one of the most outstanding pharmaceutical companies with a robust value system" Gayathri Ratnayake, Managing Director of Rohto in Sri Lanka said.

“In Sri Lanka, we are guided by its core objective of providing better healthcare solutions while ensuring the supply of high-quality products and services in an ethical manner. As a result, we were able to strengthen position in the Sri Lankan market within a short period of time and we continue our work with the same momentum," she added. 

"Our intention was not to introduce yet another healthcare brand to the Sri Lankan market. As Rohto, we have earned respect in the global market and we have a responsibility to uphold the same values in Sri Lanka, in every aspect of our operations. This responsibility keeps us grounded, and keeps us moving," the Managing Director added, stating that the company would always walk the extra mile to live up to its motto 'Never Say Never'. 

Gayathri Ratnayake - Managing Director Rohto-Mentholatum Lanka Pvt. Ltd

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