Two Ford Mustangs Have Officially Laid The World's Biggest Patch Of Rubber (Video)

December 28, 2016

A Ford Mustang just can’t help raising a ruckus, can it? At least this time the egregious tire-shredding was for a good cause, instead of straight for an innocent crowd of bystanders.

The arbiters of amazing feats at Guinness have awarded AlJazirah Vehicles Agencies, Saudi Arabia’s Ford distributor, and AlJazirah Ford Racing with the official world record for “largest tyre mark.”

To earn this honor, a pair of RTR-D drift-spec Mustangs left a 83.98 m² (9,515 ft²) patch of burnout residue in the shape and color of a breast cancer awareness ribbon.

The “RTR” treatment is like a pseudo-official dealer-installed performance package associated with Mustang drift pilot Vaughn Gittin, Jr. But the RTRs in this video are a little further along than that, with completely stripped interiors and what appear to be fully-built crate motors.

Guinness simply describes the vehicles as “fitted with special tyres designed for burnouts.” I think they especially mean “pink” burnouts, but of course that can be accomplished with a topical spray. You’ve seen that stuff in AutoZone and wondered “why would anyone, ever” right? Now you know!

Guinness says it took 45 minutes to “complete the image,” but it’s not entirely clear if that time was spent locked into a single continuous drift or made with multiple attempts.

Regardless, this slab of Saudi Arabian tarmac is now home to one epic piece of automotive art.

Hat tip to Paulo!


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