61 Year Old Model Changes Swimwear Ads History

It’s a sad fact that if you flick through the pages of a fashion mag, you’re unlikely to see anyone over the age of 40.

This leaves a pretty significant portion of the population unrepresented, unable to see themselves in media that’s meant to get them to buy things, and alienated by countless pictures of ultra slim, young, white models.

61-year-old model Yazemeenah Rossi is fighting back.

A few months back, she appeared in a campaign for a swimsuit collaboration between online shop The Dreslyn and lingerie brand Land of Women, created to steer away from the ‘hyper-sexualised imagery’ we usually see promoting swimwear and underwear.

The brand told the Huffington Post that they chose Yazemeenah because she ‘radiates health and vitality.’

‘She’s confident, she’s a visual artist, she takes care of herself.’
And, might we add (although this isn’t the most important thing), she looks incredible. Every image is elegant, stylish, and actually makes us want to go swimsuit shopping. Which is very rare.

Basically, she’s a total inspiration and we’d like to see her in loads more campaigns from now on.
‘It took me some times to realise that my body didn’t have the same energy and couldn’t be pushed so much after the menopause,’ Yazemeenah told the Telegraph.

‘I don’t like the physical side of ageing – I wonder if anybody likes that part?
‘It’s not fun to see your skin going down and becoming less toned but the nice, fascinating side of ageing gives you a strong feeling of inner power totally unknown before.

‘It seems that 60 arrived all the sudden and made me realise that I was not fully living before this last decade.
‘Some years ago I realised the benefits of letting go. In my logic, I am living what billions of humans have lived before me and all I can do is just follow the flow of time.’




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