Rock The Music With JINNA

'Jinna' you know is probably the one from 'Madol Doova'. But 'Jinna' we are going to talk about is rather different. Jinidu Praveen or mostly known as Jinna by his fans, is the newest addition to experimental music in Sri Lanka. He quickly gained recognition as a very unique artist in social media. Sinhala music with rock touch is his signature. Not only the music but also lyrics and music video brings a fresh flavor to Sri Lankan music arena.  

Here is Jinna’s exclusive interview with Asian Mirror:

How did you become Jinna?

Since my name is Jinidu friends used to call me Jinna. This was pick up by 'Aayans' production team who produced my first video and then used in the videos. Eventually it became a hit.

Where did you go to school?

Sivali Central College, Ratnapura. I wanted do music even when I was schooling.

Is music your profession?

It is almost impossible to have a job while doing full-time music. I hope to nurture my skills as an occupation without making it a black market business.

What is your music style?

I do my music the way I feel and do not care which music style it belongs to. But I like rock music. So I tend to mix rock with other musical styles. Hence, listeners get to decide which style my music belongs to.

 Is it a disadvantage not be a part of main stream music?

My music is a result of my stubbornness.  So definitely my music is not mainstream. I have no business with mainstream.   I only focus on creating my music and not about how many people are listening to my music.

Your lyrics are different. Especially the song “Blanks”.  Who is behind them?

“Blanks” is penned by popular lyricist Lasith Jayaneththiarachchige. He has penned more than half of my song collection.

Videography of your creations are very unique. “Blanks” takes the viewers to another level. Are those based on your ideas?

The credit goes to Mahasen Kalahe and the team. They worked very hard to make the difference and special thanks goes Samantha K Gamage and Medha Jayarathna as well.

Who is the female lead in the new song?

It’s Lasanduni Jayawardhana. She comes from a family of prominent artists. Lasanduni is the granddaughter of veteran actor and singer Dommie Jayawardena. Her father is singer and voice actor Nihal Jayawardana. Lasanduni also a voice artist and an actor.

Who do you use for duets?

I always use new voices for duets. I have used many contrasting female voices for my creations.

Your songs can hardly be heard in mainstream media. Why is that?

Mainstream media used to broadcast my songs. However in these days they hardly play my songs. Most mainstream media tend to go with the marketing trends and just want to fill their pockets. I have gained recognition through social media and I always try to deliver a message to the society.

What are the issues faced by you in the Sri Lankan music industry?

As a local artist I face many issues such as technological and economic issues. More than any of those it mostly concerns black-marketing the artist. It makes them very inconvenient. Deciding on the artist based on the monetary value is one of the biggest setbacks.

Who help you during this journey?

My dearest wife Supipi Probadhani is my core. And I would like to thank all the other people who have ever helped me even by a word.











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