Buddhadasa Galappaththi Launches Three New Books

September 18, 2017

(Pic credit: Facebook)

Buddhadasa Galappaththi, an award winning poet, writer, columnist launched three new books: Kavi Mihira, Sahurdha Satahan -4 and Edawasa Sondurumaya, on September 11 at Sri Lanka Foundation.

'Kavi Mihira' is compiled by a number of chosen poems while 'Sahurdha Satahan' -4 is a collections of columns published over the years.

Bandula Nanayakkaravasam conducted the programme while Asoka Handagama, Jakson Anthoney, Jayalath Manoratna and Prof. Samantha Herath were at the panel. Many prominent figures in Sri Lankan literature were present at the event.

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