Birthday Surprise Spinner For Google's 19th Birthday--But There Is A Catch

September 27, 2017

Google turns 19 years old today, thus Google has a special Google birthday surprise spinner. It lets you 19 different surprises based on what you spin on, including a new snake game, access to several older Google Doodle games like the cricket game, street views under water, pacman and many more. The games are actually great.

But there is a problem! Google had at least six 19th birthdays already. There are at least six other days that have been celebrated as Google’s birthday and there is nothing especially meaningful about the 27th in the Google timeline. On the other hand Google might not even be 19. If one date is used: when the domain was first registered thus the company turned 20 on 15 September this year. There is another issue regarding Google Doodle. Google Doodles are actually older than Google itself.

Because of all of the confusion regarding the 'birthday', in 2013 it led Google to admit that it did not really know when its 'birthday' was. Further Google has spent much of the September celebrating its birthday by sending out posts and decorating various parts of its headquarters.

This is Google's take on the story-

Google is the 'go to' place for anything under the sun. Hence we all are grateful for this tech giant. So Happy birthday Google! And do not forget to play all the Google Doodle cute games you can today!

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