Dominican Newspaper Apologizes For Mixing Up Trump And Baldwin

February 13, 2017

In the Sunday statement, the Caribbean "El Nacional" said that the picture "went unnoticed by all who reviewed" the story on Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

The shot shows Alec Baldwin in an orange wig and with a Trump-like squint, apparently taken from the US satire program "Saturday Night Live." It was published in the Friday edition of "El Nacional" alongside a photo of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and accompanied by a caption identifying Baldwin as Donald Trump.

"El Nacional apologizes to readers and to all those who felt affected by the publication," the newspaper said.

Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin has repeatedly portrayed Donald Trump on "Saturday Night Live," to the noticeable ire of the new US president.

Trump has repeatedly slammed Baldwin and the late-night program on Twitter.

Baldwin's performances and the feud with Donald Trump seems to have boosted the show's audience, with last week's show seeing the biggest ratings in 22 years. Over the weekend, Baldwin hosted "Saturday Night Live" and once again appeared as Trump in a skit with actor Beck Bennet portraying Russia's President Vladimir Putin.


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