Exporting criminals!

The recent ambush of a prison bus was planned and executed with military precision. It resulted in the killing of several remand prisoners -- prominent underworld characters -- and also on-duty jail guards. The assailants came, surrounded the vehicle, then got in and sprayed their T-56 ammunition-- with no inhibition about the deadly crime they committed -- and vanished into thin air.

Just another episode from the gang wars, and their associated contract killings, that have suddenly appeared in recent times. This is not the first time and may not be the last time either. These killings happened in the past and will continue to happen in the future too. The pathetic consequences of all these criminal activities are the unnecessary deaths of innocent bystanders, and the fear psychosis that has affected our normal social life.

Are we heading towards a state governed by conniving politicians and their underworld executioners? A country where everything -- including the right to life -- is decided by an inhuman set of gangland characters?

On the other hand, it must be admitted that the supremacy of our “national” underworld criminals in executing such senseless killings is firmly established. Their prestige, too, is fast spreading in the world at large, similar to that of superstars. Also, the value of their “services” is increasing day by day.

For a change, why don’t the powers that be think of seeking foreign investors, who are also perpetually interested in investing in unusual kind of projects, to start an export business different from our normal exports -- such as tea, rubber,garments etc. It is to export our trigger-happy and fearless underworld criminals to places like Chicago, Sicily and so on.

When comparing the prowess of our gangsters to that of their Western counterparts, I am quite convinced that there’ll be a great demand for “our products" in those localities where Godfathers and gang-lords rule the roost. In addition, the power and the freedom existing in those places would definitely bring out the best in our “export products”.

If all goes well, it could also be a newly-found treasure trove, which can help us earn much-needed and most sought-after foreign exchange, and will solve all our economic problems.
When observing how they plan to eliminate their rivals, as well as implementing contract killings, our underworld criminals seem to have showed their supremacy in the international criminal sphere.

In addition to exporting criminals these investors will also greatly benefit by exporting arms “Made in Sri Lanka”. Our country, known as the “Granary of the East” in times of yore, is at present fast becoming the “Arms factory of the East” and the investors can help the country as well as themselves by exporting streamlined and well produced “gal katas” and "T-katas”, along with our underworld “heroes”.

The powers-that-be should also induce these particular investors to combine their “export products” with the political elements who indulge in exploiting these gangsters for their gain, when implementing this export process.

I am sure by using this very “democratic” method we’ll be able to eradicate corruption, extra-judicial killings and many other criminal activities and build up the once-promised “Dharmishta” society and also allow the law-abiding citizens to live in peace.In addition our economy too will benefit, by the valuable foreign exchange earned from this operation.

By Vijaya Ariyarathne 

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