Going… Going…Going… And…?

September 01, 2017

Is this the beginning of the end?

It appears that the panic button has been pressed, with all the Big Wigs running amok, blaming each other as well as all and sundry for the present mess. They are all in this soup because too many crooks spoiled it.

Is this what 62 lakhs of human beings expected in return for their valuable assent in 2015? Is this "The Change" they wanted?

The gods, too, seem to have reacted to "The Change" with much disgust, which has resulted in prolonged drought, disastrous floods and even the collapse of garbage mountains.

On top of these natural disasters have come man-made disasters, exemplified best by the bond scam, a well-orchestrated, successful manoeuvre which brought about a crucial loss of billions of rupees to the national economy.

More man-made disasters are yet to come. Selling off our valuable assets to aliens will definitely end up as a misadventure, the full impact of which will be felt only after a span of four generations of Srilankans has passed. Neither the Utopians dreaming up these scams, nor ourselves will be there when the bell tolls - it will be our children’s and their children’s children who will be affected. They will be the slaves of the aliens who will then be dictating terms to them, as happened after the British occupation in 1815.

Flashback to the days of contest in 2015: can we ever forget the dreams we had after listening to the many many promises they made? We were living in a Wonderland similar to Alice's.

We saw a young couple, taking shelter from the rain under a roof, musing how they will own a car in the future.

Cars? Not only cars, but also all essential items, have seen their prices shooting into outer space, as if taken over by NASA.

So much for the promises that were made and never kept. Now, it is failure, disaster, misery and anger.

Failure, due to the contradictory and unplanned policies, which they called "good governance".

Disaster due to the unsuitability of partners

Misery, due to not getting what we were promised in "The Change".

And lastly, anger, due to the feeling that we have been fooled and betrayed by false promises and lies all along.

Is it a crime to receive a gift in return for the “services” rendered? If so, the best thing to do next is to give up what you have achieved, by hook or by crook, and wait for the next goods train to arrive. It will be an example for others to follow and also the creation of a new political culture.

My foot!

But when someone doesn’t do what they expect of him, instead blurting out what he believes is right, it is treated as an unforgivable crime and he is sent into oblivion.

The rot has set in! The blame game has begun. They are not only at each others' throats, but are also trying to find fault with everyone and threatening every soul around.

The cacophony of croaks heard near the Diyawanna Oya explains it all! Now it is one free-for-all that can be seen in a drunken brawl. Panic has set in and the guilty are looking around to seek safer places.

Are the mice trying to abandon the sinking ship? Their fate is unknown and uncertain, and only time can tell!

Is it Going…Going… Going… and…?

By Vijaya Ariyarathne

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