Geneva season has opened

Now, once again the Geneva season has arrived,  and all and sundry have gone into action to prove their points, to affirm the truthfulness of their past pronouncements!

After almost thirty years of destruction and mayhem, with a protracted terrorist war - resulting in the slaughter of innocent lives who were not involved in any sort of war-like actions, living in peace without any ethnic-based prejudices - its seems that everyone has an interest in peace and reconciliation.

How did this peaceful environment change? And who was responsible?

Everyone knows the answers to the above questions, but the answers and their explanations differ according to people's prejudices as well as to their personal agendas.

We see several players acting in different roles in the drawn-out drama, staged over in Geneva in every season since the defeat of that most vicious and dangerous terror outfit which plagued this resplendent Indian Ocean isle. 

On Stage Left there is the Sri Lankan troupe comprising two sectors—one the fearless and popular former rulers and their heroic troops, who defeated the blood-thirsty and mentally deranged terrorist and his brainwashed cohorts; and the other the combined post-combat “Victors” who came to power by spreading a host of savage lies. These two uncompromising sectors  are trying to defend their mother country in front of a  prejudiced audience.

On Stage Right is another set of players, again comprising two sectors. One is the hegemonic junta of the Tamil diaspora, consisting of the defeated lackeys of their god of terror, at present waging a second hand war overseas, with placards and loudspeakers as their weapons. Beside them, but fronting the stage, are the local  Tamil politicians who had been forced to tow the terrorist line due to the death threats they received,  who also try their level best to hoodwink the moderate Tamil civilians.

Waiting in the wings is another significant company of actors in this unhealthy drama, foreign  powers, comprising US, Britain, India, Canada and others of that ilk. One reason why  they are involved in this evil scenario is that they are being pressurized by the Tamil voters living in their countries. Another is the fact that their psyches are afflicted by the Third World Syndrome, which causes them to compulsively destabilise up and coming Third World nations.

Last, but by no means least, upstage centre are the Geneva-based pseudo protectors of human rights. This team of players, with many skeletons hidden in their cupboards, give priority to the  cause of the terrorists and not to the plight of the terror victims. All these individuals are the products of the western liberal political setup that sees only the human rights violations, done by the poor Third World,  for the sake of survival and not the brutal and inhuman violations the powerful Western warlords had done in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Syria,Libya, Iraq  etc.

Supporting these four main troupes of actors, playing a stealthy, almost role are the stage hands, the local NGO rogues whose manipulative actions are initiated  against Sri Lankan defenders so that they can fill their pockets with foreign funds vital for their survival.  

Now that the Geneva season has dawned we can expect all sorts of abominable acts from these actors.

When we inspect the arena the first thing we see on stage is the lone battle fought courageously by the players who were instrumental in winning  the protracted war that the terrorists (or “freedom fighters”  as some interested parties want to call them), forcibly  staged.  All odds seem to be against them and even the rulers ruling the roost  seem to be working against them.

Whatever the end will be the ultimate losers will be the innocent people of this island who are anyway undergoing an extremely difficult period.

By Vijaya Ariyarathne

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