Thank you Lord Naseby

Following the great British bulldog tradition of backing the underdog in any conflict, Lord Naseby, the knight in shining armour in the House of Lords, himself a Second World War fighter pilot recently came to the rescue of the teardrop island in the Indian Ocean, by revealing the real facts about the death toll in the battle against the LTTE terror outfit.

Expressing his disappointment over the British High Commission in Colombo's callous dismissal of the war-time despatches from Colonel Anton Gash, their own Defence Attaché,  Lord Naseby says that those particular communications constitute an important element in the process of truth-seeking, and that they should be of interest to all those who genuinely seek a clear picture of what happened during the final stages of the conflict in Sri Lanka.

Debunking the claim advanced by various interested parties -- including the Tamil diaspora and the defeated LTTE cadres operating from abroad, the foreign-funded NGO cabal and our own unpatriotic, opportunistic and revengeful busy-bodies-- backed by foreign nations such as US,UK, Norway, India et al, as well as by the pseudo-protectors of human rights in Geneva, that the number of civilian deaths amounted to 40,000 during the conflict in the North,  Michael Morris aka Lord Naseby opened fire by quoting Col Gash’s despatches, which reveal the actual number of deaths to have been 7,000-8,000.

Lord Naseby  faults the British authorities for ignoring of Col Gash’s dispatches, but allowing and accepting the resolutions formulated using estimates starkly contradicting Britain’s own evidence to be used in the infamous Darusman Report against Sri Lanka. In other words, he proves that British authorities knew that the estimates propagated by the Darusman Report were based on flawed information.

While acknowledging that the death of any civilians is deeply regrettable, he stresses that this was an armed conflict between a democratically elected government on the one hand, and on the other, the Tamil Tigers, a terrorist clique proscribed by leading nations including most of those supporting the resolution.

Similar to some ancient British well-wishers as well as personalities who were involved in the welfare and the development of Sri Lanka such as R.L. Spittal, Emerson Tennant, Robert Knox etc, Lord Naseby too came to the fore to help us out of an unending rut created by foreign and local foes. In this instance we should thank and appreciate the letter sent by SriLanka’s President thanking the good Lord for the actions taken on behalf of our island nation.

At this moment we have to ask the question: "what have the rest of the Yahapalana worthies done with regard to the threats against our nation?"

According to Rear Admiral Sarath Weerasekera who attended the Geneva hocus pocus against all odds, the utterly pathetic action taken by our foreign minister was to co-sponsor the resolution presented by the US against Sri Lanka. He proposes that another no-faith motion be made against Mangala  Samaraweera, the person who without even the knowledge of the President or the PM, willingly cowed to foreign pressure to do so,  an act equal to the infamous 1815 betrayel of our nation by the  Kandyan so-called leaders.

In accordance with the statement sent to a leading Sri Lankan newspaper (The Island), Lord Naseby makes it quite clear that he will pursue every organisation and person involved, in order to ensure that the Darusman Report 's figure on civilian casualties is publicly amended  to  reflect that in truth about 6,500 Tamil civilians who died at the end of the Sri Lanka conflict. "Truth must and will win out", he adds, "however inconvenient that may be to the authorities”.

While thanking and appreciating the fighting and principled stand taken by Lord Naseby on behalf of Sri Lanka, I should like to conclude with an excerpt from Tamara Kunanayagam’s highly perspicacious observations on this particular issue:

“My conclusion is that anti-Muslim attacks serve only Washington’s agenda propping up its allies in a tottering Yahapalana government, silencing the opposition within and outside government, dividing the people, shifting their attention away from the real issues and advancing Washington’s objective of turning Sri Lanka into a vassal state that can be utilized in its strategy of containing and rolling back China”. 

Thank You Lord Naseby! and also Ms.Tamara Kulanayagam, the former or shall we say deposed Sri Lankan Ambassador to the UN, for your valuable contributions to safeguard and protect Sri Lanka, as well as the valiant war heroes who sacrificed their present day for the sake of a bright future for all of us.

- By Vijaya Ariyarathne

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