General Daughter To Get Her Divorce Through Under The Radar Legal Mission

November 13, 2014

She was a princess from a four star General house in Colombo and she got married to a prince who was also from the same milieu.  Their fairy-tale like story started shattering when the father of the General house fell out with the king and openly declared war on the Royal family. But, the General Father found himself lost in the battle and was subsequently punished by the King who was ultimately the winner. The General was sent to jail and the son-in-law prince was also on the hit list of the enemy camp.

To avoid long arms of law, the son-in-law fled the country and spent several years in hiding. The royal family issued ‘red alerts’ on him but no one, even the immediate family, did not know his whereabouts. However, after a few years in jail, the General father was released and was allowed by the king to return home. But, both parties still hated each other with serious venom and there was no sign of reconciliation.

Several years down the line, volcanoes started erupting between the prince and the princess. Adding to the General’s misery, the prince and the princes have now come to a point where they cannot proceed with the nuptial bond anymore. However, the princess was not in a position to write it off officially because the prince was not able to set foot in the country.

And now, a certain Alas, who was once the messiah of the General, has come to the rescue of the old man. Alas, who has close connections with the top echelons of the royal party, has promised to resolve the matter by clearing legal issues of the “prince”. With Alas’s intervention, the “Prince” will stealthily visit the country and rid the Princess of her nuptial burden.

But, the most important aspect of this story comes next. In return, the General is expected to dance to the Alas tune again and fulfill the Alas’s mate’s dream to be the big-boss of the green party. As part of the deal, the General has already agreed to support Green Leader’s candidacy for the next big election knowing that the latter is not the winning horse. However, the Green Leader’s candidacy at the king-waranayawill pave the way for Alas’s mate to become the leader of the Green Party. Therefore, the General, according to the newly reached agreement, is now on a feverish mission to sabotage all attempt to field a common man to the king-waranaya!


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