Former Prez Requests Cabinet Portfolio For Son

November 13, 2014

The political sphere of the country is now haunted by just three letters – CBK. Yes, the much-talked-about former Prez is now on the verge of making a crucial decision to re-enter active politics. It is still not clear whether she will wear the common cap but it is certain that she will play a significant role in the anti-blue camp.

However, it is learnt that CBK, who is a vociferous campaigner against family-bandyism, has requested a Cabinet portfolio for her son, from the big boss of the Green party if and when they come to power. However, the Green Leader, who is known to be a man of principles, had denied the request saying such an offer was not possible.

Meanwhile some had advised the former Prez to field her son under the blue party ticket, probably for Attanagalla, the eternal stronghold of the Bandaranaike family. However, many of her close associates had expressed doubt over that proposal assuming the CBK son would never to welcomed to the blue party as the present bigwigs have an Axe to grind with the former Prez.

There are moves in the Green Party to being back the former Prez as the Common Candidate to challenge her erstwhile colleague MR at the presidential election. But, the majority of UNP MPs are of the view that it is a foolish move that will discourage traditional UNP supporters from casting their votes.  

Meanwhile, another section of her immediately family has strongly urged CBK to stay away from politics. But the sources close to the former Prez said CBK, a seasoned politician, is unlikely to bow down to family pressure. 

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