Rajitha's Days Are Numbered At Fisheries Ministry!

November 13, 2014

Asian Mirror can now reveal that Fisheries Minister Rajitha Senaratne's days are numbered at the ministry.

Plans are already afoot to oust Senaratne from the Fisheries Ministry and to appoint Sarath Kumara Gunarathne, who is presently the Deputy Minister of Fisheries, as the Minister in the near future. Promises have already been made to Gunaratne by high echelons of the government that the former will replace Senaratne at a sudden reshuffle that is in the offing.

Senaratne, a dental doctor who started his political career, is now well known for his political leapfrogs that he makes from time to time. It is rumoured among political circles that the plan to oust Senaratne from the Fisheries ministry is nothing but a leapfrog gone wrong.

The canon-balls that were fired at Senaratne in Parliament by senior Minister Milroy Fernando, a few days ago, were actually made elsewhere. It was an attempt to exert pressure on Senaratne and to prepare the ground for a drastic move. Irked by Fernando' s allegations, the Minister walked out of the house,  throwing away his wicket on a seemingly tough game of cricket.

Minister Milroy Fernando, who was assigned with the task of flogging Senaratne in Parliament, is more a spectator than an actor in this strange stage play!

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