Two Stalwarts Of Wimal's Party Join UNP And SLFP- Freedom Front In Shambles?

Two stalwarts of the National Freedom Front led by Wimal Weerawansa have joined the United National Party and Sri Lanka Freedom Party today. 

Two NFF stalwarts representing the Uva Provincial Council namely Mihimal Munasinghe and W. Udaya Kumara have left the party this morning and joined the two mainstream parties. Munasinghe has joined the United National Party while Udaya Kumara has joined the Sri Lanka Freedom Party ahead of the Uva Provincial Council election. 

The move came just a day after the National Freedom Front skipped the vote on the no-confidence motion presented by the UNP against the government. 

However, it is still not clear whether the National Freedom Front would contest with the UPFA for Uva Provincial Council election. The UPFA has still not responded to the 12 proposals presented to the government by the National Freedom Front and the party categorically stated that the NFF's support to the government would depend on the government's response for the NFF proposals.

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