Government Keeps Geneva Strategy Under Wraps

The Sri Lankan government today said that it would not reveal the ‘Geneva strategy’ to media as it could be counter-productive where the final result is concerned.

Addressing a press briefing at the SLFP headquarters in Colombo a short while ago, Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva, who led Sri Lanka’s delegation to UNHRC session in Geneva two years ago, said the government had a well defined plan to overcome what he termed as ‘Geneva challenges’ that would emerge in March.

However, the Ministers said the government is in talks with various member nations of the United Nations Human Rights Council to counter the US sponsored resolution that would be presented to the UNHRC. He also criticized the conduct of the US saying before presenting resolutions against Sri Lanka there should be resolutions demanding probes into the war  crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Commenting on the resolution passed by the Northern Provincial Council, the Minister said the Northern Provincial Council has become a cat’s paw of the Tamil Disapora. “If things continue in this same manner, there will be utter chaos in the Northern Province,” the Minister said.

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