Channel 4 Releases New Footage Three Weeks Ahead Of Geneva Vote

Nearly three weeks ahead of the vote on the US resolution against Sri Lanka at the UNHRC, Channel 4 has released a new video footage illustrating what they term as “the behaviour of the soldiers towards the bodies of the female Tiger fighters and the underlying culture of systematic brutality and sexual violence.”


Channel 4, on its website, claims that the video has been provided by the British Tamil Forum, a pro-LTTE Tamil organization based in the UK.

“We don't know exactly when it was filmed – but it was at some point in the last two or three years of the war. It was filmed by a soldier on a mobile phone and its shows Sinhala-speaking soldiers – their uniforms suggest they may be special forces – who are laughing and cheering, as they celebrate the deaths of the Tiger fighters and perform acts of grotesque sexual violation on the bodies.

We also don't know exactly what happened or how these people - who appear to be fighters, though they are not wearing combat fatigues - came to die,” Channel 4 websites says.

Quoting their own forensic experts, Channel 4 says the videos have not been doctored and wounds on the bodies of the victims seem real.

However, the Sri Lankan government is yet to come up with their response.

Meanwhile, UNP Parliamentarian Lakshnman Kiriella told ‘Asian Mirror’ that state media teams who covered the final phase of war should be held responsible for leaked footage.

“We have information that some of the journalists who covered the final stage of war have sold their video clips at exorbitant prices. Some video clips have been sold at $10000,” Kiriella said.

However, Channel 4 website said the footage came from soldiers of the Sri Lankan Army .


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