Provincial Council Undertakes To Permit Muslim Dress in Janadipathi Balika Vidyalaya

Counsel for the Provincial Authorities and the Counsel for the Principal of Janadipathi Balika Vidyalaya made an undertaking to Supreme court that they would permit The petitioner to enter the school in a Muslim cultural dress. 

When the case was taken up today before a bench headed by Justice Priyasath Depp, the Counsel for the Provincial Council authorities informed court that they have made the relevant directions to the Principal.

Counsel for the Principal also submitted to court that the Principal has agreed to permit the parent to enter the school.

Counsel for the Petitioner informed court that there was a previous ocassion during which the Respondent Principal had violated the direction of the Provincial Council authorities an there requested the granting of approval in writing.

The Principal and Provincial Council authorities undertook to obtain instructions from their client regarding the request made by the petitioner.

Justice Priyasath Depp who headed the Bench stated that the issue had arisen after the appointment of the new principal.

"Earlier there was no issue like this, but it arose after the appointment of the new principal" he said.
Earlier in her Fundamental Rights application, the Petitioner a parent of a student of Janadipathi Balika Vidyalaya alleged that despite directions from the Secretaruy to the Provincial Ministry of Education, the Principal had not permitted her to enter the school, an was abused by a group who accosted her when she visited the school.

The Petitioner said that it was state policy of inclusiveness to permit all cultural attire in public places.
The case is to be mentioned on July 24th.
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