Pizza Hut Sri Lanka Launches Investigation Into "Derogatory" Bill

Pizza Hut Sri Lanka has informed ‘Asian Mirror’ that it has commenced an inquiry into the derogatory bill which was issued to a customer by the Pizza Hut outlet in Maharagama.

The bill mentions a derogatory term as the name of the customer. The full statement issued by Pizza Hut Sri Lanka on this matter is as follows;

 “Pizza Hut is a responsible brand that is committed to delivering the best possible standards to our customers in terms of food and service. We are deeply disturbed to hear about this incident.  A senior member of our staff has contacted the customer and commenced an inquiry into the matter.  We will fully investigate the complaint and take necessary steps to address the issue accordingly.”

Editor’s note:


Asian Mirror, as an independent observer, will follow up the progress of the investigations and will inform our readers of the developments! 

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