Chillaw Villagers Dig Graveyards In Search Of Drinking Water

While the National Water Supply and Drainage Board brag about island-wide drinking water facilities and million dollar projects to expand the water supply, villagers in the Chillaw area are now seen digging graveyards in search of drinking water!

This situation has occurred due to depletion of drinking water resources in the Karukupane, a village in the chillaw area. This made the whole village to go in search of drinking water, which resulted in the villagers digging crevices in the cemetery as it was the only place with accessible water deposit.

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Sri Lanka has stepped on to an era where the word 'development' has become a day to day household term.

Negombo, an area where immense hotel projects and other investments of the leisure sector has geared into action, has become one of Sri Lanka's major tourist attractions.

Meanwhile, a report issued by UNICEF on Water and Sanitation in Sri Lanka says that one quarter of the country have no access to safe drinking water and that 18% of the child population lacks access to any water supply or sanitation facility or service.

The video which is posted below shows how villagers of Karukupane dig graveyards in search of drinking water.

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