UNP Demands Immediate Inquiry Into Channel 4 New Video

The United National Party today said the government should commence an inquiry into the latest video released by Channel 4 of Britain, illustrating alleged war crimes during the final phase of war in Sri Lanka.

Speaking to ‘Asian Mirror’, UNP Parliamentarian and Leadership Council member Lakshman Kiriella said during the inquiry, the government should question state media journalists who covered the final phase of war as, according to him, they are responsible for leaked images and footage.

“Channel  4 says they got video clips from the  British Tamil Forum. But the truth is that the images and video clips were leaked by those who covered the final stage of war. No international correspondents were allowed in the war zone. Only state media and selected private TV stations were allowed to cover the war. Finally, they betrayed the Army as well as the government,” Kiriella said.

“Some of the journalists who covered the final stage of war,” he said, “are not even in the country.”

“That is why the government should hold an inquiry and ascertain the truth. Without a proper mechanism in place to ascertain the truth, their constant denials will not hold any water,” the UNP Parliamentarian added.

 However, Army Spokesman Brigadier Ruwan Wanigasuriya said yesterday that Channel 4 new video was unsubstantiated. The Military Spokesman added that the release of the latest video about Sri Lanka by Britain’s Channel Four has been timed for the UN Human Rights Council Session and the latest video was no different from the other videos Channel Four had telecast earlier. 

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