Fisheries Ministry Gives In - Fishermen Talks Cancelled At The Last Moment

In the face of heavy pressure mounted by Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha Jeyaram, the Fisheries Ministry of Sri Lanka has postponed fishermen level talks between Indo-Lanka fishermen representatives at the eleventh hour. 

Fisheries Ministry Spokesman Narendra Rajapaksa said discussions were postponed indefinitely as per a request made by Chennai fishermen representatives. 

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha Jeyaram said the Sri Lankan government should release all Tamil Nadu fishermen who are in jail in Sri Lanka before the next level of talks between Sri Lankan and Indian fishermen. Fisheries Ministry vehemently deniednthe demand stating there was no initial agreement to release all Indian fishermen. 

Speaking to Asian Mirrior this morning Narendra Rajapaksa said talks would continue despite Jayalalitha's pressure. 

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