Now BBS Wants ‘Sarong & T-Shirt’ To Be The School Uniform!

BBS General Secretary, Galagodaaththe Gnanasara Thera, who strongly criticized the dress code of Muslim students, said ‘sarong and T-shirt’ should me made the school uniform for male students in Sri Lanka.

 Addressing a press conference in Colombo yesterday, Gnanasara Thera lashed out at Muslin students who, according to him, do not adhere to standard school uniform.

“When principals punish such students, Muslim Ministers and governors intervene and harass principals whose duty is to maintain discipline in schools. That’s exactly what happened to the Principal of the Janadhipathi College who asked two female Muslim students to remove their attire,” he charged.

Two Muslim girls who had attended the school in accordance with the Education Ministry Circular, and subsequent orders of the Supreme Court which permit Muslim girls to attend school in a trouser and shawl.

Speaking further at the press conference, BBS General Secretary said the present school uniform in Sri Lanka - which includes shoes, socks, trousers and ties - does not suit the climate of Sri Lanka.

The parents of one student who was harassed by the School Principal, have complained to the Human RIghts Commission and the National Child Protection Authourity (NCPA).

 The Principal who forcibly removed the attire of Muslim student is Nayana Thakshila Perera, a grade3 Principal. 

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