Broken Promise: Lester James Peiris Asked To Leave His Iconic Residence

World acclaimed cinematographer Dr. Lester James Peiris who established the global image of Sri Lanka in cinema industry, has been asked to evacuate from his iconic residence.

A notice being served from the new owner of the residence through a lawyer.

He has lived with his beloved wife "Poetess of Sinhala Cinema" Sumitra Peries for a long time in this house and it has become an iconic residence among artists. Hence, Dickman’s Road in Bambalapitiya was renamed Dr. Lester James Peries Mawatha to mark his 88th birthday.

The Lester James Peiris and Sumitra Peiris foundation operates from the residence of Dr. Lester James Peiris, down Dr. Lester James Peiris Mawatha, which is involved in organizing many events annually to promote the film industry of the past and present in Sri Lanka.

Many artists were offered houses in Kalapura by the government before. But some artists chose not to relocate for various reasons.

Dr. Lester James Peries is a living national treasure. Sri Lanka to bring Sinhala cinema to the pinnacle of its glory is historical. He has made more than 20 feature films, eleven short films most of them in the documentary mode. Most are internationally recognized.

The man who changed the course of Sinhala cinema would, who is in last stage of his life at a point of losing his residence. In many countries, such iconic residences made monuments by the state.

“Maestro” will be celebrating his 98th birthday this April.

This is how the veteran cinematographer enjoyed annual Christmas Carols at his residence last year.

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