JO To Hand Over Controversial 'War Crimes Report' To UN Envoy Tomorrow

'The Statement of Defense of heroes', a report by a panel affiliated with the Joint Opposition on alleged war crimes during the final phase of war, is to be presented to the UN Representative in Colombo, tomorrow. 

A spokesman of the Joint Opposition said the report contained the accurate information to dispel the 'myth' of war crimes during the final stages of Sri Lanka's war which concluded on May 19, 2009. 

He said the report was done in collaboration with several top figures who were involved in the military operation which crushed the LTTE. 

The report, according to the spokesman, is likely to be handed over by MP Dinesh Gunawardena, the leader of the Parliamentary group of the Joint Opposition. 

Responding to the report, however, a cabinet minister of the government said the Joint Opposition had already prosecuted the Sri Lankan military forces by calling them the 'defense'. 

"No one has prosecuted the Sri Lankan military forces in any manner, so far. No one has made them defendants. This report, for the first time, prosecutes the Sri Lankan military forces in the eyes of the international community," he explained. 

The government minister dubbed the report as a mere publicity stunt that sheds negative light on the Sri Lankan armed forces. 

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