You Can Pay Water, Other Utilities Bills Now At The Post Office

Post Master General Rohana Abeyrathna and National Water Supply and Drainage Board Chairman K.A. Ansar signed an agreement yesterday to introduce a service to pay water bills through post offices.

Post Master General Abeyrathna said that they have an island-wide network and their aim is to provide a friendly service to the people. 

He said that apart from the traditional services they now provided services such as payment of insurance premiums, mobile bill payments, and electricity bills through the new service e-pay.

"There are 2.2 million people who pay water bills and most of them pay it at super markets, and that can be only done by the urban people," he said.

"Therefore, we thought of undertaking this service. We will take a service charge of Rs.5 for any amount," said Abeyrathna





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