AG's Department Asks If Perpetual CEO Palisena Was Presenting A Pre-Prepared Script As Evidence

Questions were raised at the Presidential Commission to inquire into the Treasury Bonds issue yesterday whether Perpetual Treasuries CEO Kasun Palisena was referring to some notes using his laptop, while giving his evidence. 

The CEO of the Perpetual Treasuries, formerly the Chief Dealer of Aloysius, appeared before the Presidential Commission for the third consecutive day, yesterday. 

Deputy Solicitor General Milinda Gunatilake, who appeared on behalf of the Attorney General's Department, brought to the attention of the commission that Palisena was referring to certain notes using his laptop that was placed in front of him. 

He said Palisena was reading out a pre-pared script as his evidence before the Commission. The DSG stressed that pre-prepared statements should not be presented to the commission as evidence. 

DSG Gunatilake also requested a copy of the document that Palisena was constantly referring to.

 In response to Gunathilake's remarks, the Commissioners directed Palisena to refrain from referring to a pre-prepared statement. 

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