Sagala Declares War On Drugs: Says Latheef Will Disregard Any Political Connection: Forms New Division To Battle Drug Lords

Law and Order Minister Sagala Ratnayaka yesterday said the drugs trade in Sri Lanka have strong underworld links. 

"This connection should be completely destroyed. I assure you that we will eradicate the drug menace," the Minister stressed, addressing an event to mark the International Youth Day. 

The Minister made the assurance in the wake of a series of raids conducted by the Sri Lanka Police to net drug lords and smugglers. 

"We have now established a new division attached to the Police Department to handle this issue. It will collaborate with the Narcotics Bureau and the Organised Crimes Unit. It will also draw the support of the STF, Navy and the Customs Department,: Ratnayaka said, revealing the government's plan to eradicate the drug issue.

The Minister said the new division would operate under Senior DIG M. R. Latheef. 

"This new division will completely disregard political connections and other powerful affiliations. They are empowered to take action against anyone, regardless of their connections," he added. 

"There are allegations that the Police only go after minnows and the big fish often go unharmed. This division will specifically net the big fish," the Minister asserted, adding that there would be no mercy for anyone involved in the drug trade.

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