'Our Vision Is To Make People Inheritors Of Solutions Rather Than Making Them Inheritors Of Problems:' Sagala

Law and Order and Southern Development Minister Sagala Ratnayaka said the government's vision was to make people inheritors of 'solutions' rather than making them inheritors of problems. 

"For instance, we have made efforts to resolve the land issue faced by the people in the Matara district, for decades. We have offered them a solution by giving title deeds. If we rescue them from the land issue, that, in return, will ensure their economic stability and well being," the Minister said, while addressing an event in Deniyaya yesterday, to present title deeds to nearly 4000 people in the area. 

"When we assumed office, we gave various promises to the people. We, as a government, have not forgotten those promises. As we move forward, we deliver on our promises, at least one by one. The initiative to resolve land issues is one such example," the Minister said. 

"We also promised to stabilise the prices of tea. We delivered on that promise as well. Now, the tea cultivators have got a stable price for tea, as a result of our efforts," Ratnayaka added. 

The Minister, however, said the economy of the district should not fully depend on tea.

"We need to broad-base our avenues of income. The tourism industry offers some good opportunities to the district. We will pursue them in the near future."

The economy of the southern province will also be strengthened by the development of the Hambanthota Port," the Minister said, adding that the government had already fast-tracked the development programmes in the Hambantota district. 

"Our initial task was to create a safe and stable environment for everyone in the country. We have fulfilled that task over the last two and a half years and now it is time to move towards economic prosperity," he said. 

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