Disgruntled Parents At Good Shepherd Convent Complain About School’s Moneymaking Schemes

A group of parents of students attending Good Shepherd Convent in Kotahena have complained that the order of sisters, principal and school management committee are more concerned with moneymaking than educating the children.

Citing the school’s ‘Auditorium Project’ one particularly disgruntled parents writes: “It’s a never ending case of “ Money, Money and Money” which the parents are forced to donate and if the parents cannot comply with the school requests, our children get harassed by the Principal in her office or we have to take our children out of school.”

He adds that no official receipt of donations made to the school is given and that the auditorium – which is to cost millions – has been given no permission by the Colombo Municipal Council to function as a fee-levying hall.

The parents have questioned the necessity for the school to embark on such a costly project which the parents and students are expected to fund.

“At present the Auditorium has come to a standstill due to lack of funds,” the parent writes.

He said the school also organizes a variety of events for students and past pupils  - ‘Fun Days’ and ‘Back To School’ Days where tickets cost between Rs. 2,000 and 3, 000 rupees and all students are expected to buy a ticket whether they attend or not.

The parents allege incidents such as these are ruining the good name of the Good Shepherd Convent and are asking that relevant parties at the Archbishops Palace, the Provincial of the Good Shepherd Order Sisters, Past Pupils Association of Good Shepherd Convent Kotahena intervene to end the situation.

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