General Amnesty For Army Absentees Extended Till November 22: Over 8,000 Reported Back So Far

The General Amnesty period that was given to Army absentees to get their legal discharge has been extended till 22nd November (2017).

According to Army media, over 8,000 Army absentees including officers, Officer Cadets and Other Rankers had reported to their respective Regimental Centers during this period.

The General Amnesty period was extended in response to requests made to the Army.

Therefore the Sri Lanka Army, appeals to all religious leaders, Grama Niladharis and relatives of Army deserters to educate and encourage the absentees if known to make use of this opportunity and get legally discharged before 22nd November.

The General Amnesty wad declared under the directions of the President and the Ministry of Defence on 23rd October, 2017. (GID) 


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