Rajapaksa Now Refers To Maithripala As "Our President": Says, "We Will Protect Him"

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa yesterday described his rival, President Maithripala Sirisena as "our President" and said, " we will look after our President" (Apey Janadhipathui api balagannam). 

Making a statement to the media in Ahungalla, the former President said the SLFP should pull out of the national unity government and work with the Joint Opposition. 

When asked what would happen to the President in the event of a pullout of that nature, Rajapaksa said they would look after the President. 

The former President indicated that the discussions with the SLFP on a possible reunion before the LG election was positive. 

"We have appointed three MPs to represent the JO. It is their responsibility to discuss with the SLFP and arrive at an agreement," Rajapaksa said. 

He also added that his intention was not to divide the SLFP.

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