Ajith Perera To Make Fresh Request to Speaker Demanding Probe Into AG Department's Report To Bond Commission

Power and Energy Deputy Minister Ajith P Perera is to make a special request to Speaker Karu Jayasuriya to conduct a special investigation into the manner in which the Attorney General's Department presented a report on telephone records of MPs to the Presidential Commission inquiring into the Treasury Bonds issue. 

Perera is to make a request to the Speaker upon instruction from Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, informed political sources said. 

The Deputy Minister had told Wickremesinghe that he had a problem with the way the telephone details were presented to the Bond Commission by the Attorney General's Department.

"The report lacked substance and was silent on some crucial points. Therefore, its presentation to the commission and the subsequent media publicity caused serious damage to the public reputation of MPs. This is why the incident warrants a comprehensive investigation"the Deputy Minister said.

The Deputy Minister had said the detailed bills, which he obtained from his mobile service providers, did not indicate any telephone conversation between him and Aloysius, as mentioned in the report presented to the Presidential Commission by the Attorney General’s Department.

“There is a reason for this mismatch. Aloysius may have tried to contact me during the time of the bond investigation and I too may have responded to the missed call by calling back without knowing his identity. That’s how any person would respond to an unknown missed call,” Perera said, categorically stating that there was no conversation and the mobile service provider affirmed this.

“If the calls were connected, it would have shown on the detailed bill," he explained, adding that he had a suspicion that the AG's Department's report was aimed at slinging mud at some MPs.

“Although the report levelled a serious allegation against MPs, it did not provide crucial details pertaining to phone calls. For instance, there was no information on call durations and phone numbers,” he added.

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