Sri Lanka And Iran Explore Ways To Strengthen Mutual Cooperation In Energy Sector

Sri Lankan Ambassador to Iran Sharif Anis voiced his country's willingness to broaden mutual cooperation with Tehran, specially in the energy sector.

"Sri Lanka is interested in buying Iran's oil products," the Sri Lankan ambassador said.

Anis reiterated that Iran and Sri Lanka enjoy long-lasting experience in political, economic and diplomatic cooperation.

He pointed to his country’s readiness in promoting trade cooperation with Iran, and said, "Sri Lanka is after importing Iran's oil products and construction materials."

Anis pointed to tourism as another sector that his country is interested to enhance cooperation with Iran.

In relevant remarks in January 2015, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that Tehran is determined to strengthen ties with friendly nations, including Sri Lanka.

In a message to Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena, President Rouhani extended his congratulations to Sirisena on his election as the country's president, and expressed the hope that the bilateral relations between Tehran and Colombo would witness further enhancement in his tenure.

"I sincerely congratulate Your Excellency's election as the president of the friend country, Sri Lanka," wrote President Rouhani in his message. (FNA)


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