Ethics Eye Puts Its Foot In The Mouth: Fails To Produce Source For Its Suicide Statistics Comparison

Ethics Eye, a media quality watchdog Facebook profile, operated by Verite` Research has put its foot in the mouth when it made an 'unsourced' and unsubstantiated claim that the number of suicides in Sri Lanka has increased in 2017 in comparison to 2016. 
However, Ethics Eye, which often questions the country's mainstream media for running 'unsourced' stories, has failed to attribute this so-called comparison to any sources. 
Interestingly, Ethics Eye has come to a conclusion on the number of suicides in 2017 even before the end of the year. 
Although journalist Uvindu Kurukulasuriya, Editor of Colombo Telegraph, has brought Ethics Eye's comparison on the number of suicide into question, the Admins of the page have failed to respond to his queries. 
Kurukulasuriya has made the query on Saturday, December 09, and it has been ignored by admins of the page for three days. 
Ethics Eye has made this questionable comparison in relation to number of times the mainstream media violated ethics when it comes to reporting on suicides.  It compares the statistics they gathered in 2017 with those in 2016. 
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