Sagala Takes A Swipe At JO: "How Can A Party That Cannot Prepare Nomination Papers Run A Government?"

Law and Order Minister Sagala Ratnayaka asked whether a party that could not present its nomination papers properly was capable of running a government. 

The Minister made this remark, while speaking to media in Matara, while observing the land in Deniyaya, where a new  teaching hospital is proposed to be constructed..

Ratnayaka said in some area, the nomination papers of the Sri Lanka Podujana Party had been handed over to the Elections officials by unauthorized individuals. 

"No wonder the flower bud party had to deal with an embarrassment of this nature. They had no sense of responsibility," Ratnayaka said. 

"It was also revealed that the names and signatures of candidates were missing on some nomination papers. This is a bunch who cannot even fill a form accurately, " the Minister said, while commenting on the rejected nomination papers of the Sri Lanka Podujana Party. 

"If someone thinks such a party can run the government, he or she is strongly mistaken," the Minister also added. 

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