SB's Calculations: "No Party Will Get Over 50%: SLFP Can Capture Power Either With UNP Or JO"

SLFP Stalwart Minister S.B. Dissanayake said his party was capable of running the administration of all Local Government bodies either with the UNP or the Podujana Peramuna. 

Addressing an SLFP balamandala meeting in the Pathahewaheta area, Dissanayake said the SLFP would be the deciding factor in all Local Government bodies after the election. 

"Therefore, we will capture power in all Local Government bodies. I can assure you that," Dissanayake, a strong supporter of President Maithripala Sirisena said. 

"The President will stay in power for three more years. We will stay in the government for three more years. No one can change that," the SLFP Minister added. 

Dissanayake also predicted that no party would be able to secure more than 51% of total votes at the Local Government elections. 

"This situation will make the SLFP even stronger," the Minister added.  

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