Lalith Weeratunga Questioned By Police Again: This Time On Irregular Vehicle Purchases By Presidential Secretariat

Former Secretary to the President Lalith Weeratunga arrived at the Police Special Investigations Unit (SIU), a short while ago, to give a statement, sources within the Police Headquarters said.

They added that Weeratunga's statement would be on alleged irregular vehicle purchases to the Presidential Secretariat, under the previous government. 

Over 50 vehicles belonging to the Presidential Secretariat were found two years ago at a vehicle yard in Pita Kotte. 

These vehicles included bullet-proof limousines, belonging to the Presidential Secretariat parked in a property of the Sri Jayawardenepura Multi Purpose Co-operative in Pita Kotte.

Weeratunga, in his capacity as the Secretary to the President, was responsible for activities of the Presidential Secretariat. 

Weeratunga was recently convicted for Sil Redi Case and later given bail by the Court of Appeal.

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