'Don't Risk Your Future By Voting For Non-UNPers or Refraining From Voting': PM Tells Supporters

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe yesterday told all his supporters not to risk their future by voting a non-UNPer or by refraining from voting. 

"If you want sustainable development in your area, you need to elect UNP representatives who can work with the central government. We are  currently in the process of rebuilding the economy while addressing issues created by the previous government," Wickremesinghe said, in a statement, yesterday. 

The Premier specifically asked the voters to support honest and educated candidates. "They will know how to deliver a service of great quality," he added. 

Wickremesinghe told the UNPers refraining from voting was no different to voting for another party. 

"Do not make that mistake and risk the future of your area. Vote for the UNP and make sure that you build a strong regional economy in your area," he said. 

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